Newsletter – June 2019

Advanced Motion Systems Adds New Robotic Products

A manual tool changer

We have added several new Robotic Product lines this year.

  • Omron TM Collaborative vision guided robot.
  • Robotiq Adaptive Grippers – with ‘plug & play’ capability with the Omron TM Robot.
  • Millibar Manual Tool Changers with mounts for both Robotiq grippers and the Omron TM Robot.
  • Asyril – Asycube flexible 3 axis parts feeders.
  • Mecademic Meca500 robot with 5 micron repeatability.
  • Contact us for a demonstration !

New Cognex Dataman DM374 Barcode Reader

Cognex Dataman 370 Id Reader 1D 2D QR

The DataMan 370 uses the latest Cognex decoding algorithms to tackle the most challenging 1D and 2D codes, handling print damage, focus blur, low resolution, and other real-world issues with ease. These tools are coupled
with high dynamic range (HDR) imaging technology for greater depth of field and improved handling of low contrast codes. Finally, new high-powered integrated lighting combines advanced autofocus technology with
distance sensors to ensure the best image formation every time.

2X read performance and power – DataMan 370 series barcode readers are optimized with the latest decoding algorithms, including new 1D/2D Auto-Discrimination, to ensure fast and superior read rate performance for 1D and 2D codes. DataMan 370’s multi-core processor enables it to run these algorithms and processes in parallel, resulting in two times the performance and power of comparable high-performance readers.

DataMan 370’s proven modular design shares the same light and lens options as the DataMan 360 series and DataMan 470 series, allowing for seamless technology upgrades. Like the rest of the DataMan barcode reader
line, DataMan 370 is easy to install and features an intuitive user interface as well as real-time process performance feedback.

Cognex In-Sight Spreadsheets Max – Training August 13, 14, 15 2019

Technical Training Victor, NY
Advanced motion systems training classes, Upstate New York

Description: Cognex – Spreadsheets Max Training has been developed to give new or potential In-Sight users a 3-day overview of the hardware and software used by In-Sight vision systems. With the focus on getting the most from the In-Sight Explorer Spreadsheets interface, users learn how to walk through the process of setting up a vision application using spreadsheet programming best practices. Students will then learn how to use advanced tools and those tools recently added to the spreadsheets environment to solve real-world applications.

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