Cognex DataMan 8700DQ Barcode Reader

A DataMan device

Engineered to read the toughest codes while withstanding harsh oils, dirt and water, the DataMan 8700DQ is Cognex’s second product released on the DM8700 platform, and shares many of the same features as the DM8700DX. The DM8700DQ is designed for well-marked DPM applications offering a simplified set of lighting and lensing as compared to the DM8700DX.

This cost-effective version is still a very fast and capable barcode reader and will set us up well to compete against many DPM readers on the market. The DataMan 8700DQ has fix lens optic and white diffuse illumination, and so is ideal for well-market DPM codes where the power of the DataMan 8700DX is not necessary.

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What’s the difference between the DX and DQ? 

The key difference between the DataMan 8700DQ and 8700DX is the image formation available to the reader.

  • Fixed Lens – The DM8700DQ uses a 6.2mm fixed lens focused at 47mm
  • White Diffuse Light Only – The DM8700DQ uses white light and does not offer direct or polarized lighting.
  • New Firmware Revision – The DM8700DQ requires firmware 6.2.5

What’s the Same? Everything Else!!

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DataMan 8700DQ Specification

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