Motion Control

Motion control is how we got our start in automation back in 1992.

Advanced Motion Systems offers a wide range of motion controllers, servo motors, servo drives, variable frequency inverter drives, stepper motors, stepper drives, linear servos and mechanical stages, actuators and gearboxes to provide a total motion control solution.

Advanced Motion Systems Motion Control Products
Omron Sysmac NJ /NX Machine Automation Controllers - At the core they are designed to be multi-axis servo motion controllers, utilizing EtherCAT to command and monitor servo motion systems. There are numerous CPU models available for solving specific motion control requirements.


Omron 1S Servo Motors and Drives

  • Power range from 100 W to 3 kW * larger sizes in 2019
  • Voltages ranges 100/200/400V
  • Hardwired and also Safety over EtherCAT
  • 23 Bit battery less multi-turn absolute encoder
  • 10 poles for low torque cogging and speed ripple
  • IP67 construction
  • 125µs EtherCAT servo drive control cycle
  • Configuration and tuning is fully integrated in Sysmac Studio
  • PLCopen standard motion function blocks in Sysmac Studio.

Parker Motion Control

Parker PAC - "Parker Automation Controller" - Programmable Control - IEC 61131-3 (Ladder diagram / Structured text / Continuous flow chart / Function block diagram / Sequential function chart / Instruction list) | PLCopen Motion Control I, II, III | Simulation Runtime (for code & motion) | CNC Programming (conforming to DIN66025) | Electronic Gearing | Electronic Camming | Embedded HMI Options (Xpress / Web-Visualization) | Local and Remote I/O Control. Field Buses: EtherCAT | Ethernet/IP | Profinet (With communication module) | Profibus (With PACIO module) | Modbus TCP | OPC Server | USB | Dual LAN | FTP


Omron 3G3MX2 and 3G3RX Frequency Inverter Drives -'VFDs'
These drives can be operated independently, or using discrete I/O and also interface directly with the Omron NJ - NX controllers via EtherCAT


ACS Motion Control

ACS provides high performance motion controllers and universal drives for demanding and unique motion control applications.


Applied Motion Control

Servo motors, servo drives, stepper motors, stepper drives, StepSERVOs (closed loop integrated steppers)