Omron Collaborative Robot

Omron TM advantages

  • Integrated camera on the end of arm
  • 3D vision intelligence
  • Interactively teach the robot
  • Visual based user programming
  • Integrated industry certified safety

3D Vision Intelligence

  • Using a 2D camera the TM Landmark is measured to calibrate a 3D robot position
  • Eliminates the need for rigid and costly robot work fixtures
  • Stacking applications and high mix product applications can be easily accomplished
  • Different machines, parts, and work tasks can be automatically detected

Omron TM Cobot Arm Tool Features

  • 1 - Vision button to teach vision tasks into sequence
  • 2 - “Point” button records position in cobot program
  • 3 - “Free mode” hands on position teaching of robot arm
  • 4 - Analog I/O port
  • 5 - Indicator light ring to communicate robot state
  • 6 - Digital I/O port
  • 7 - Autofocus camera with integrated light
  • 8 - Gripper teach button
  • 9 - End of arm tooling flange

Omron TM Flow Programming Software

  • Visual based programing
  • Each function provides easy to follow parameter setups
  • Create logic without script programming
  • Intuitively follow the process and logic flow
  • Easy create multiple applications in one program so the robot can automatically switch to different applications or products eliminating program changes for operators
  • Program on the TM controller using HDMI monitor, USB Keyboard, Mouse or on a laptop or tablet.
Omron TM Flow SW 1

Omron’s TM cobot provides solutions for applications in a variety industries

Automotive, Machine Tool, Plastics, Packaging, Food, Beverage, Assembly, Electronics, and Semi-conductor

Omron TM PickNPlace
Omron TM Assembly-Dispensing-ScreDriving