Robotiq Adaptive Grippers

Plug and Play Robot Grippers for the Top Collaborative Robot Brands

Start Production Faster with Robotiq Adaptive Grippers for Collaborative Robots

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Robotiq Grippers fit a wide range of applications and are easy to customize. They integrate quickly with many top collaborative robot brands controllers with programmable stroke distance, speed and force.

Robotiq Grippers Target Applications

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Robotiq Grippers Model Specifications

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Robotiq Hand-E High Precision Adaptive Gripper on an OMRON TM Collaborative Robot.

Robotiq Grippers have Omron TM Robot compatible drivers and are “plug and play” in the Omron TM Flow software

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Robotiq FT 300 Force Torque Sensor

Used for products assembly, parts insertion, part finishing, machine tending and also product testing.
Plug and play in most collaborative robots programming software.

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FT300 Sensor Specs