Technical Assessments

When working on a solution for our customers it will often require a proof of concept simulation or a feasibility study.
This is especially true with machine vision and robotics.

Utilizing our vision labs, our robots, our automation and motion controls hardware we can perform a technical assessment based upon customer requirements to attain a level of confidence that the products selected for the solution will achieve the desired result.

Advanced Motion Systems - Technical Assessments

Advanced Motion Systems - Technical Assessments - Machine Vision - Robotics - Motion Control

Technical Assessment

Step 1 – Meet:
Your first interaction will be with an experienced AMS sales engineer, that will gather your requirements and specifications.

Step 2 – Evaluation:
The AMS sales engineer will evaluate your requirements and specifications with an AMS applications engineer. This often results in a feasibility study, simulation or demonstration with hardware and software.

Step 3 – Proposed Solution:
The AMS sales engineer will propose a solution, with a quote and a companion feasibility report or project proposal if required.

Step 4 – Implementation:
AMS will work with you engineers, or provide engineering services to execute the solution.