What You Don’t Know About Advanced Motion Systems

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This question is so often asked in social circles and networking events, what is Advanced Motion Systems and what do you do there?

My quick answer is “We sell automation to clients that build machines that make things”. The details are so much more than that and is something that we as a team at Advanced Motion Systems convey to our customers on a daily basis.

We are a team of experienced sales and application engineers that approach customer’s automation problems with an open mind, we are technical consultants. With an honest offer to provide the best solution for their application. We are at our best when we collaborate with our customers and collectively engineer a solution to their automation challenges. We are a team that can leverage our individual skillsets and experiences. We are part of our client’s team, helping them to be successful from design to deployment. We then provide ongoing product support after deployment.

Our solutions are typically comprised of a combination of highly technical products that could include machine vision, barcode reading, robotics, precision motion, mechatronics, PLC’s, HMI’s, Safety, machine automation controllers, industrial PCs, SCADA, laser measurement, sensors and Industrial controls. In some cases we also design and build control panels and provide complete software integration.

Challenge us with your automation, controls, quality inspection and machine traceability applications.

History of Advanced Motion Systems

Founded in 1992 by Dave Overy with a background in motion control technology. Originally from South Africa, Dave brought with him a wealth of technical knowledge and sales experience to Upstate NY. Over the years the company has evolved from specializing in motion control to specializing in multiple machine automation disciplines including machine vision and robotics. Today the company is managed by Dave’s son Tony Overy. The company has experienced steady growth over the years thanks to our technical staff, trust of our customers and vendors.

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