Who We Work With:  Industries that Advanced Motion Systems Serves

Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive Manufacturing

In the automotive industry AMS provides solutions for machine vision systems for inspection, barcode readers for traceability and servo driven actuators for precise parts positioning.

AMS works with the automotive industry engineers to provide proof of concept, feasibility studies, on site support and training.

AMS also partners with machine builders that are suppliers of assembly and test machines to the automotive industry for specification and design of industrial automation and safety components that AMS supplies.

Machine Builders & OEMs

Machine Builders & OEMs

With machine builders and OEMs, AMS partners with their engineers and technicians to specify our products in their machine designs.

This usually includes servo driven linear and rotary actuators, robotics, machine vision, barcode readers. It may also include PLCs with motion control and SQL Database capabilities. Also safety components such as monitoring relays, safety PLCs, light curtains, guarding.

AMS application engineers work with machine builders and OEMs on commissioning through acceptance as needed.

Packaging, Food & Beverage

Packaging, Food & Beverage

AMS has provided our customers in the Packaging and Food & Beverage industries with solutions for product quality inspection to verify product integrity before packaging.

These inspection categories include; mixed product, missing product, damaged product, label inspection, dating, lot code, cap / lid placement, volume / fill level.

AMS has also provided these customers with automation solutions for vision guided pick and place, product rejecting, safety and other controls that were required.

Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

Medical Devices & Pharmaceuticals

We work with our Pharmaceutical or Medical Device Manufacturers primarily with product inspection and traceability. Utilizing the advanced tools in our machine vision cameras we provide the capability to detect mixed, missing, or damaged product as well as make precise measurements. In addition, using machine vision and/or barcode readers AMS provides the capability for product validation, identification, serialization and traceability. AMS has also provided various sensors and control solutions to meet the requirements of our customers in these industries.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

Working with our customers that are manufacturers of electronic devices we have provided solutions utilizing vision guided robotic parts handling, pick and place as well as product assembly.

This can include AMS specifying and supplying robots, machine vision, PLCs, actuators, motion control, safety components, various sensors and control panels as required.

Electronic product manufacturers come to AMS for solutions to improve cycle time, product testing and inspection also with traceability and data collection.

Semi Conductor

Semi Conductor

Working with our Semi-Conductor manufacturing customers, AMS has provided turn key solutions for precise positioning utilizing servo driven precision actuators, gantries, cartesian robots, motion controllers and PLCs

AMS has also provided solutions for machine vision systems for parts inspection, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and also vision guided robotic parts handling.

What Our Customers Say

We take pride in delivering the very best products, services, and solutions for our customers.

Our industry expertise ranges from automotive manufacturing, machine building & OEMs to pharmaceutical, medical device manufacturing, consumer electronics, and more!

Read through some kind words our clients have to say about our entire team.

Matthew S

OEM / Machine Builder

“AMS is a valuable provider of automation components and engineering services for our company. We can count on them to provide excellent service and support.

Tony and his team have extensive experience in the automation industry and they are always finding creative ways to expand and provide additional services.“

Laurence M

End User / Manufacturing, Research & Development

"AMS has been fantastic as both a supplier and an integrator. They have provided amazing technical expertise and support and are always ready to go above and beyond to help us obtain our goals. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of automation, measurements, and data acquisition and are always looking for new and better ways to use technology to help us meet our goals.
AMS is also very easy to work with as the employees are both technical and personable, which is a great combination and makes working with AMS a real pleasure."

Samuel P

OEM / Machine Builder

"Advanced Motion Systems played a large part in developing the system from the beginning in suggesting the correct Robotic System, developing the program, and suggesting the correct hardware to make the Robotic System a success."

Nik G

OEM / Machine Builder

“AMS has been a A+ Vendor to work with. Tom and Jen a very knowledgeable about their products and the process that we require. AMS is always available for a quote, consult, visit or whatever we require. We thank them for all they have done and look forward to continuing our partnership!”


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Linear Bearings Bushings and Slides


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